Tuesday, January 24, 2017

10 Best Winter Adventures in Muskoka & Almaguin, Ontario, Canada

Well I am going to let you all know that yes winter can be cold but as long as you are dressed warm you can enjoy it more.  Get outside and enjoy the fresh air because it is amazing what it can do for your health.  Here is a list of adventures for you to enjoy so head to Sand Lake Cottages & Inn and start your Winter Getaway.  For questions about things to do contact Danette Evely via text at 416-419-3415 or email almaguin@gmail.com

  1. Downhill Skiing - Hidden Valley in Huntsville, Ontario offers fun skiing and it is located at the north end of Muskoka and just below Almaguin.  If you are on a budget that is okay as well because it is only $21 to night ski on Thursdays or get a weekend 4 hour pass for around $40.  If you need skis buy them at a Thrift store or use a buy and sell online group.  Nothing has to be expensive if you have patience to search for deals.
  2. Skijoring -  Arrowhead Provincial Park in Huntsville offers Skijoring on Sundays if you want to enjoy a day with your dog.  Sometimes there are Outfitters there willing to let you try the equipment for free.  You can also come out to the Kearney Dog Sled Races and watch several teams with their dogs.  So head to Huntsville on Sunday and all you have to pay is just over $20 for two people to ski.
  3. Cross Country Skiing - You can do this anywhere, make your own trails, use the Seguin Trails or the Kearney Trails or again go to Arrowhead Park.  This is another activity that can be extremely cheap, you can get used skis, poles and boots easily for under $50 again from Buy and Sell Groups.  Most trails are free so to do the activity there doesn't have to be a cost.
  4. Ice Skating - Where do I begin.... You can pick up a shovel while staying at a Cottage Resort and clear your own patch of ice.  The Town of Kearney has an Ice Rink and so does the Town of Emsdale.  Most towns everywhere will offer a free Ice Rink in the Winter.  You can also head to Arrowhead Park and enjoy the Ice Skating Trail that wraps around in the bush!  
  5. Tobaganning - This is an activity where you can just find a hill or make your own small hill in your backyard.  We make a hill every year in our back yard down to our lake.  My husband will snowblow it to make it easier.  The best place to go is Arrowhead Park because they offer tubing and they even offer car load rates which is a great deal.  
  6. Skate Skiing - This activity can be a little more difficult because the trails have to be wide enough to ski.  There are places in Muskoka where you can try this activity for free.  I personally have not found a place to try this activity for free but if you know of one please let me know.
  7. Snowshoeing - If you want a new pair of snowshoes you can buy at Costo for around $100 or again check out the buy and sell groups.  Snowshoeing is free and can be done anywhere.  If you are athletic and want groomed trails there are also plentry of those.  This is a family adventure that you can do on a budget.  You can also rent snowshoes at a local outfitter.
  8. Dog Sled Adventures -  There are several groups that offer a Dog Sled Adventure and there are loads to choose from.  If you want a free trial head to Kearney, Ontario during the Kearney Dog Sled Races and Sugardogs Adveture Company will be offering a free adventure in the town.
  9. Snowmobiling - On Family Day Weekend you don't have to buy a trail pass to use the trails so this will help cut your costs for a fun getaway.  Snowmobiling is an expensive sport but if you can get someone to take you to the Kearney Ice Caves it is worth it.  There used to be a Dog Sled Team that would take you there but I don't think that is happening anymore.
  10. Horse Sleigh Rides -  This is my favorite even though I only did it once.  I will never forget sitting on the sleigh being pulled by a horse and enjoy hot apple cider after.  We enjoyed an open bonfire which was a great end to a beautiful day.

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